16 may. 2010

Cache Cache

Cuadro hecho en colaboración con Anaïs, para Lemur Shop en el Corredor Cultural Roma Condesa, pintado en técnica mixta con una dimensión de 2.44*1.22m.

La idea del cuadro fue interpretar al lémur como esos pensamientos fugaces, juguetones que se esconden en tu vida adulta. No dejando morir al niño interno. Jugando cache cache.

El cuadro sera subastado para una o muchas buenas causas.

Paint made in colaboration with Anaïs, for Lemur Shop, for the Corredor Cultural Roma Condesa

the whole idea of the painting is , the playfull thoughts you have in your adult life,hiding the inner child, playing cache cache

12 may. 2010

Poster Park

Poster para Kasabian, hecho en el 2006, que participa en la exposición de carteles en Holanda llamada Poster Park, organizada por Schunk.

Over the last few decades the gig poster has developed into a specific genre within the world of poster art, on the border between applied and autonomous art. Functionally designed, these posters also incorporate a high degree of individuality, expressing the artist’s own vision. In addition to their autonomous work, artists are applying themselves to the design of gig posters, frequently on the basis of their own personal interest in music. These posters, often hand-made screen prints, have become collectors items for music aficionados.

In Poster Park, SCHUNCK* explores the interface between visual art and popular culture, and in so doing, goes in search of the crossover between music and art. On four floors in the main staircase in SCHUNCK*, well-known classics and posters by contemporary artists and designers for bands in various sub-genres of pop music will be presented.

Participating artists (among others):
Zeloot, Marc Bijl, Rik Meijers, Mara Piccione, Dennis Tyfus, Arrache-toi un oeil, Jamie Reid, Andrew Vastagh, Anita Renee Langemach, Billy Mavreas, Diana Sudyka, DWITT, Emek, Jochen "Fritte" Mönig, John Vogl, K JUDGE, Justin Fuller, Justin Santora, Ken Taylor, Kraken, La Compagnie Crayonne, Mike DeKay, Rhys Cooper, Scarlett Rickard, Sonnenzimmer, Table2Press, Tricia Kleinot, Willem Kolvoort, Rob Warnick, Stefan Fähler, Travis Bone / Furturtle Show Prints, Ryan Duggan, Daniel Munzing, Matthew Douglas, Miguel Chordá, Strawdogs, Brett Andrew Miotti, Todd Slater.

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