31 ago. 2011

fantasmas in hold up art

Hold Up Art is proud to present FANTASMAS, featuring artwork by Kraken, and live music by Jazztec, the latest in a series of projects by El Regimen Collective.

The opening reception will unite two separate, yet complementary bodies of work, each enriched through the experience of the other.

Reminiscent of 1960s psychedelic rock posters, Kraken's El Regimen Collective works are in many ways a reaction to the melodies and emotions produced through the music, while at the same time are something entirely his own. Intrigued by humanity's deep-seated connection and captivation with desolation, Kraken explores that familiar and dark atmosphere, the sublime and the sordid, and embodies it with sophisticated soulless women, proud birds, and devastated landscapes.

With extensive experience in graphic design and art direction for brands like Reebok, FedEx, Procter & Gamble, Mead Johnson, and Toyota, Kraken has developed his work as an independent artist over the past 17 years in Mexico City. We're looking forward to finally introducing his work to the LA art scene this September.

Adrián Terrazas-González (woodwinds & percussion, The Mars Volta):
"At the moment, my performances and compositions are increasingly inspired by Los Angeles, the city that I have adopted as my home for the last 4 years, and its global and diverse realities. While [my music is] informed by Jazz and the styles I have come in contact with from working with musicians across the popular-, classical-, and world-music spectra, my memories--in Mexico City--listening to bolero trios, son music, and popular balladeers on the radio and on TV seem to resonate the strongest. Although composed with the help of bebop as a common ground, the music of the Jazztec Collective owes debts-–primarily but not exclusively--to the music and rhythms of Mexico, its composers, and its sense of aesthetics."


-Admission is Free
-Beer & wine will be served
-Live music starts at 7:30pm

FANTASMAS closes October 15, 2011

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